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Kit Designer Pro: 3D Product Customization
Jun 23

Welcome to the future of sports jersey design customization! Kit Designer Pro is our innovative online software system that brings your team uniform designs to life in realistic 3D. With advanced features and seamless website integration, creating custom designs has never been easier.

Design Customization Made Easy
Kit Designer Pro offers a user-friendly interface with a comprehensive collection of 3D models that cover nearly every category in sports.  Our 3D mockups are custom-made from the ground up, created from digital patterns we made in-house.

Add graphics, logos, and text to your 3D model effortlessly to your team jersey. Whether you’re designing jerseys for your soccer team, basketball team, or Jui-Jitsu team, watch your jersey designs come to life in stunning detail.

Kit Designer Pro: 3D Customization Services

Streamlined Team Rosters
Say goodbye to messy spreadsheet files. Our team roster feature allows you to upload team details from a single spreadsheet template. Collect all the necessary information efficiently and keep your team organized.

Seamless Factory Integration
At Tancorp Manufacturing, we understand the importance of efficiency. That’s why Kit Designer Pro is closely integrated with our sublimation factory in the Philippines. With us, you only need to work with one company for software, manufacturing, and fulfillment needs. Experience a streamlined process from start to finish.

Website Integration at Your Fingertips
Want to offer 3D product customization to your customers?  Integrate Kit Designer Pro seamlessly with your website.  Whether your website is powered by Shopify or WooCommerce, we can integrate Kit Designer Pro’s best features into your website.  Plus, we have a huge collection of pre-made designs that you can offer to your customers, covering various sports such as basketball, soccer, MMA, Jui-Jitsu, and more.

Get Started With 3D Product Customization
Whether you run a sportswear business or are involved with team sports, take your sports customization services to the next level with Kit Designer Pro. Visit KitDesignerPro.com today and explore the world of possibilities.